Net Market Fluidics Database Launch

The Net Market Fluidics network has now officially launched! The network is the foremost platform for professionals within the micro- and nano fludics community to come together and collaborate with one another. Members of the network are able to:

  • Post job proposals and recruit the best researchers/ engineers
  • Find industrial collaborators to promote your technologies and finance your research / developments
  • Find academics or innovative start-ups to provide you with the latest micro-nanofluidic technologies to improve your systems/ offers
  • Promote your skills and technologies at the European level and foster future H2020 calls on your activities
  • Get consulting/ position opportunities related to your skill and CV

We encourage anyone involved in micro and nano fluidics to join the Net Market Fluidics network, including public researchers, investors, private companies, universities, industry associations, and non-profits. Join today and connect with others across the robust field of micro and nano fluidics!