Building our Network at the In-Cosmetics Innovation Zone

Net Market Fluidics Consortium Partner CNRS visited the 2016 In-Cosmetics this April to spread the word about our growing project. The conference had nearly 10,000 visitors from across the world, making it a great opportunity to discuss with fellow attendees how our project can help them better deliver the benefits of micro- and nano fluidics to cosmetics consumers.

CNRS' Adrien Plecis met with companies such as Chemix, Bayer, solvay, EVONIK and more to explain the burgeoning network the NEt Market Fluidics project is assembling. Plecis showed how the network can help their researchers better connect with others in the field and improve their ability to bring new, more advanced products to market. Attendees were very interested in NMF's work, with many noting that their teams had been waiting for this type of network for a while. NMF will continue to work with these connections to ensure they can be some of the first entrants at network launch.

If you're interested in joining our network as well, contact us today!

In-Cosmetics 'Innovaiton Zone'